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Arrived in Bosnia, we have been driven to Trebinje (a city near croatian border with  only touristic shops and souvenirs). We finally ended up in Mostar a beautiful town characterized by its famous bridge, destroyed in 1993 during independance war and rebuilt in 2004 (see the main picture of this post).
We had no fixed plans where to stay, and unfortunately we failed to find an host near by. For the 4th time in 4 months, we paid for the cheapest room in the town which allowed us to rest a bit and discover Mostar city center, its market, mosques and catholic churches.
The day after, we were hosted in Konjic by the owner of a rafting club on Neretva river! Sadly it was not the open season for rafting (start: 1st of april) but we enjoyed the quiet and the view of Neretva river - one of the most incredible blue-green river we ever saw in our lifes! If you are interesting about rafting on this river, don't hesitate 
Did we mention that we were interviewed by a young journalist who noticed us on the streets of Konjic? He wrote a post about us on the city website portal - check it and train yourself in Bosnian language :)
After a quick return to Mostar because one young couple accepted to host us, we took the direction of Sarajevo, the capitale of Bosnia-Herzegovina. This day was a snowy day and Sarajevo was completly hidden under the fog and a snow coat!
Newsletter #3 - Montenegro / Bosnia Herzegovina / North Croatia road trip adventure hitchhiking couchsurfing workaway serialhikers Sarajevo bobsled
Here we had the opportunity to be hosted by a german expat who taught us a lot about Balkan's history and brought us to former Olympic games bobsleigh tracks (abandonned since 1984), the Sarajevo's beers factory and fancy bars like Kino Bosna, a former cinema turned into an unusual place to drink :) We even extended our stay in Sarajevo, in another host's place.


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